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Generation Project

“Generation of new products to enhance human and technological capital,  in the innovative development of high-altitude medicine “


The concern for the occupational health of workers inserted in situations of “intermittent hypoxia”, exposure to height above 3,000 meters, is one of the roots of this project.  At the same time, the initiative aims to keep the regional community informed and trained, thanks to the specialization of the researchers of the Institute of Health Studies of the Arturo Prat University. and the obtaining of technology and last generation equipment.  

Some of the factors that limit the development of research in high-altitude medicine are the shortage of highly specialized researchers and the limited technology and equipment. It is precisely this problem that will be addressed by the FIC project “Generation of new products to enhance, human and technological capital in the development of high-altitude medicine”.


The technology, as well as the advanced equipment, allow us to identify therapeutic targets and advance in the investigation of the mechanisms and future mitigation measures, Therefore, the need to generate new products has become evident.

At the same time, increase the level of specialization of human resources and acquire technology that allows studying different responses and treatments, will contribute in the search for innovative solutions that contribute to better productive processes, health care and better quality of life.

Consequently, this project will allow the generation of better human resources and new technologies, with the aim of linking applied research with regional needs.  This relationship is essential to contribute, improve, innovate and start innovative lines of research in the clinical area, both university and private companies.

With the support of the Regional Government, this FIC project will position the Tarapacá Region in the scientific, educational and social area.

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