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The Institute of Health Studies is born from the need to respond to the growing demands and the new academic and research challenges presented by the health sector in the Province of Iquique, and by means of Decree Nº. 621 of August 13, 1996 of the Arturo Prat University, an organization dependent on the Academic Vice-Rector’s Office is created to propose suitable responses, generate solutions and be a facilitating base for development inside and outside the University, gathering interests of people and organizations, both governmental and private.

The Institute of Health Studies (Instituto de Estudios de la Salud – IES) of the Arturo Prat University aims to satisfy the diverse information needs that are required. Currently, he has focused on the study of height, through the development of lines of research and innovation generation potentials in the areas of metabolic disorders, hypoxia, psychological, social, behavioral factors, team work in controlled conditions, among others.

The Institute has constituted a human and study group, which has attracted the recognition of its national and international peers, Positioning itself at present as one of the leaders in this problem. His activity has focused on aspects ranging from beneficial adaptation processes to diseases such as acute mountain disease and its variations, chronic mountain sickness and pulmonary hypertension. All of them recognized by the World Health Organization and described for chronic exposure, but there is an important knowledge gap in the work of intermittent exposure to height.


Thanks to the creation of the Institute of Health Studies (Instituto de Estudios de la Salud – IES), it has been possible to start a career in Nursing, the Laboratory of Physiology of Height and Degree in Biological and Health Sciences.


The Institute has two PhDs in Public Health, experts in the area of high altitude medicine, with more than 10 years of experience. He has training at the Autonomous University of Madrid, with researchers who work collaboratively.


The laboratory of the Institute of Health Studies of the Arturo Prat University, thanks to the award of various projects, has advanced technology equipment, that satisfy the research needs.



Deliver and propose answers and solutions to the academic and research needs of the region in the field of health, with emphasis on those that are of special concern at Arturo Prat University. Likewise, act as facilitator and bridge in the development of these subjects between the University and the Community.


To be a center of research of first line and reference in aspects of Public Health and molecular physio-biology, in matters relevant to local health, linked to development and regional needs, such as high-altitude medicine. Consequently, focus on active participation in training, teaching and consulting.

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